Tele buzz

Tele buzz

Rediscovering her roots

Kylie Kwong rediscovers her Chinese heritage in a brand new series on TLC, Kylie Kwong My China. She explores the food and culture of the vast and enigmatic country of China. Kylie travels back to the homeland of her ancestors and reignites her passion for the flavours of the East. Join Kylie in this episode where she travels to Guangzhou to unleash some mouth watering local delicacies. Catch the episode on May 24 at 10 pm.

Simi in a new avatar

It’s finally time for revelations and desires! After seven years,Simi Garewal returns to Star World, but this time in a whole new avatar. So, does that mean we will get to see some reds, blues and greens come out of her wardrobe? Well, we have to wait and watch.

However, whether the colours change or remain the same, the format of this show is completely new. Have you ever thought of all the things that impress you the most about your favourite stars? Is it their charm, sex appeal, honesty or humour? So, on these factors, draw up a list of all your most “desirable” stars that you would want to see on the biggest celebrity chat show ever. The show is ready to get rolling with the set up of its beautiful stage at Mumbai’s Film City. Some of the stars who are on Simi’s desirability list are John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha and Frieda Pinto among others. The show will premiere soon on Star World.

Dangerous species

Host Steve Leonard leads the search for the world’s most deadly natural born killers of the animal kingdom. With six factors put to rest — speed, strength, toxicity, strategy, defence and capacity for man-eating — Ultimate Killers highlights real-life animal assassins, far scarier than anything you get to see in movies. By the end of the series, Steve will choose six lethal animals he believes to be the Ultimate Killers. Tune into Animal Planet tonight at 9.30 pm, as Steve unveils the most innate aspect of killing, speed.