Kin yet to come out of trauma

Kin yet to come out of trauma

With the loss of two sons, daughter-in-law and two grand children, 63-year-old Isamma is yet to come out of the trauma. The family has not received full amount of compensation.
Though the Air India had promised a job to the kin, there is no sign of their assurance. Now Irshad has taken up the responsibility of the family.  Prior to the mishap, Mohammed Ashraf (37), his wife Ayisha Abdulla (32), children Ashay Abdulla and Ayisha Ameen was residing in Dubai for the last six years.

Another brother was working as a Warehouse supervisor in Dubai for three years. All the five members were returning to their native to attend their brother’s wedding scheduled on June 13, 2010.

Irshad said: “Naushad had come in 2008. Another brother Ashraf was coming to the native every year.”

Irshad who was an accountant in a trading company in Dubai was supposed to board the same flight. However, as his leave was cancelled, he stayed back in Dubai.

After the tragedy, Isamma is not ready to send her another son to foreign land to earn for their livelihood.

Air India had promised an employment for the kin of the deceased. “I have visited Air India office in Mangalore several times. I am tired of their standard answer - “no vacancy.” Now, I do not have employment. After the interim compensation, the company is mum over the remaining compensation,” says Irshad.