Women seen as products, courtesy globalisation

Women seen as products, courtesy globalisation

9th Chikmagalur district Kannada Sahitya Sammelana

She was speaking at the women’s meet which was the part of the 9th District Kannada Sahitya Sammelana organised in Kuvempu Kala Mandir on Saturday. She was talking about the ‘Present day women’.

“The human relationships are deteriorating as a result of the globalisation. With more stress on the financial aspects, the women are forced to live a life of fear. The women are misused and are utilised as business tools. Earlier, the sports activities were supported in the form of claps. But today cheer girls are appointed for the same. We should have to oppose this practice,” she urged.

She also criticised the organisers for holding the women’s meet in the afternoon, when most of the audience go for lunch. The plight is same in almost all the women’s literary meets. The lack of audience will be evident every time, said Ramakumari adding that women folk are sidelined even to this day.  She appreciated the developing quality of women to question certain things to ensure their existence. “Unfortunately, along with the progress, the modern women are supporting corruption. To reach her dreams and over ambition, she is using the wrong path, thus spoiling the society’s health,” she said.

A lecturer from Hassan H L Mallesha Gowda who delivered a talk on “Women in folk arts” said, despite women wearing weak look, in reality they are strong and powerful. A woman is the centre of the family and it is she who leads the family.

No audience

There was poor audience response on the second day of the literary meet. Kannada literary enthusiasts and literature students did not turn up to the meet on the second day. The women’s literary meet witnessed worst of all, as there were hardly any audience in Kalamandir.