Cariappa Park cries for attention

Cariappa Park cries for attention

The unkempt Field Marshal Cariappa Memorial Park no longer attracts visitors. dh photos

The park, spread over 22 acres, has its main entrance very close to the Anil Kumble Circle on MG Road. But hardly anyone notices it these days. The park, which initially boasted of several attractions, both for children and adults, is now in a decay due to poor maintenance.

The children’s playground is now in decline. The only people who visit the park are army officials coming for morning walks. Even if the public enter the park, walking here would be arduous due to piles of trash, including plastic waste.

Rain in the City causes hundreds of trees to fall. But, they have been regularly cleared. But, the only tree that has fallen at Cariappa Park has not been cleared yet, blocking one of the pathways through the park.

Despite this, the Army’s Sub Area Command insists that the “maintenance of the park has been undertaken continuously for the past few days.”

Perhaps what Padmanabhan G, who once visited the park with his family has to say, would give an answer as to why the general public does not visit the park.

“Those days, there was a fountain and other attractions. Now the maintenance is so poor that nobody feels like visiting the park anymore. Added to the already reducing greenery in Bangalore, if the existing parks are not maintained properly, it is a pity,” he says.