Minister's son in road rage fracas

Minister's son in road rage fracas

According to the police sources, at about 7 pm, a car in which Ajay and four of his friends were travelling rammed against a motorcycle. As the rider of the motorcycle fell down, Ajay and his friends got down from the car and assaulted him, accusing him of negligent driving.
Bystanders, who were watching the drama surrounded the car, preventing the occupants from becoming violent.

Police sub-inspector Gopalakrishna, who was in the vicinity, rushed towards the car. By this time, the crowd began demanding that police take action against the  occupants of the car.

When Gopalakrishna asked Ajay and his friends to accompany him to the Shivajinagar police station, they turned on the sub-inspector and allegedly hit him on his chest and pushed him to a corner. Introducing himself as the son of the home minister, Ajay allegedly threatened him of dire consequences, sources said.

By this time, the Hoysala Police Squad attached to the Bharathinagar police station reached the spot and took them to the police station, the sources added.

Under tremendous political pressure, police had to free all the five youth, with Bangalore Police Commissioner Jyothi Prakash Mirji playing down the incident.

"A minor incident took place at Shivajinagar when a car hit a motorcycle. Nobody assaulted the police officer," said Mirji. He, however, confirmed that one of the occupants of the car was the son of home minister.