A flyover none wants

A flyover none wants


Despite intense opposition from residents and environment groups, the flyover project was taken up, damaging in the process the surroundings and creating innumerable problems. The 408-metre-long flyover, meant to relieve traffic congestion and speed up transit for commuters, has served no purpose.

M Leelavathi, Principal of the National Degree College near the flyover, laments that the institution has lost its green image. “Then MLA Chandrasekhar had promised to rebuild the damaged garden when we protested against the flyover project, but to this day, nothing has happened. The beauty of Basavanagudi has gradually vanished."

The flyover blocks rainwater from flowing into the drains, leading to waterlogging in the college premises. The noise due to the traffic affects classes.

Shankar B V, a petrol bunk assistant, fell sick for weeks when the construction was going on. "I don't see many vehicles plying on the flyover. Initially, it was built mostly for HTV vehicles and for small vehicles to go under it, easing traffic being the stated objective. But now, all the vehicles move under the flyover. The government failed in its attempt,” he says.

Nayana, who has lived in this locality for the past 20 years, had many sleepless nights when the construction was going on. A little park nearby, she says, has now become an open urinal. Shopowners too were affected by the flyover. Most shops were forced to shut down and protests fell on deaf ears. Girish, a cashier at Buttersponge bakery, says: “The number of customers at our bakery started diminishing by the day. Our complaints fell on deaf ears, so it was pointless to approach the authorities after that.”

Prashanth of Planet Sports fumes at the false promises made. “They promised a garden here, but now it is a garbage. We would'nt mind bearing the trouble, if something is being done for the welfare of the public. But when we discovered that the flyover was of no use, we were angry. We suffer even to this day when the drain water flows into our shops during monsoon.”

CopSPEAK (Basavanagudi Traffic Police)

-  The project has led to more congestion on surrounding roads and the place chosen to construct it was also

-  There is congestion below, with more vehicles fighting for space.  More traffic personnel required now.

-  Roads beneath the flyover should have been expanded to facilitate movement of more vehicles.