UPA is most dishonest govt in history of independent India:BJP

UPA is most dishonest govt in history of independent India:BJP

"The two fundamental issues on which the UPA-II has completely failed are corruption and price rise," senior BJP leader M Venial Nady told a news conference here. "The UPA-2 has been the most dishonest government in the history".

It was an irony that a distinguished economist believed to be the most honest (Prime Minister Mammon Singh) was heading the most corrupt regime in independent India, he said.

"The 2G scam involving a sum of Rs 1,76,000 core, perhaps the biggest scam ever that took place in the country, is the biggest shame on the UPA-II," Nady said.

"Scams are stupendous and stunning. The scams that have seen the light are the scam of export and import of food grains involving thousands of cores of money, the CG scam involving Rs 70,000 core, the IL scam, the S-band spectrum scam involving the PM, the Adara Society scam involving senior Army/AIS officers and ministers and startling and shocking telephone tapping to mobilise support and harass political opponents," the former BJP President said.

Nady said the biggest failure of the UPA government had been its sheer inability to contain the spiralling price rise of essential commodities. The tremendous rise in food prices has hurt the poor the most, he said.

"For almost three years we had a double digit inflation in the Wholesale Price Index. The petrol prices have been raised 20 times in the name of rationalisation", he said.

The BJP said the UPA's regime is a "saga of betrayals". "Its performance is shameful and scamful. Indecision, inaction, incompetence, irresponsibility and irreparable damage to the institutions are the hall marks of UPA-2," he said.

Naidu said the "inexcusable goof-ups" in the list of "most-wanted" terrorists given to Pakistan by the Home Ministry had made India a "laughing stock" in the international community.

"It shows the casual approach of the government in such a sensitive security matter. There is no political leadership to guide the government and hence there is a divergent approach between the party leadership and the government", he said.

On the issue of black money, the BJP said the Centre was taking no action against those who have stashed thousands of crores of unaccounted money illegally in foreign shores despite repeated rebukes from the Supreme Court.

"Certainly, their identities are to be made public. Why is the Government so active in maintaining the secrecy for which after all the defaulters have to be prosecuted? Why is the UPA government so keen and hell bent on protecting the tax-evaders?", Naidu asked.

"The list of unfulfilled promises is unending", he said, citing, among others the right to food, physical infrastructure in rural areas, six-lane highways, nine per cent growth rate, law on land acquisition and rehabilitation, judicial and police reforms. "Nothing has been fulfilled".