Get those wolf-whistles!

Get those wolf-whistles!

Haute style

Skin-tight jeans

At the Jealous 21 store, the girls can ask for a dream get-up. After trying out different combinations, they can buy what suits them the best. The designers have worked around what is called ‘the three hip size for every waist size’ which are three types of fits for different body types. Jealous is the first to launch ‘Hip fit jeans’ to ensure that the wearer has the perfect fit and that nothing is too tight or too loose at the waist. The idea is to slip in perfectly well. “A common problem for every woman has been to find the right jeans to fit in. Sometimes it fits on the waist but is loose on the hips or the vice versa.

We arrived at the conclusion that three body types existed amongst women,” explains Modita Tripathi, senior brand manager. This led to the crafting of three hip sizes for every waist size which has been categorised into – hottie, hourglass and bootilicious. .

The brand’s target audience is college going girls aged between 16 years and 24 years. “We understand that they need comfortable, stylish and affordable clothes and this is what we have cashed in on,” she says.

The latest collection has the ‘Ice and White jeans’ that come in various shades of light blue and white and in three fits. They can be matched with collage print tops that are bold and bright with crazy graffiti. Then there’s the ‘Bling tops and bottom’ that are a range of club wear which can be paired with bling  bottoms that have embroidery detailing in crystal and stud highlights. 

The ‘Doodle tees’ are summery casual wear with funky colourful prints where the tees are worn with cropped denims – capris, shorts and ankle-length jeans. Then, there are tunic tops with bold and bright identical prints on both the sides giving a mirror effect in the ‘Mirror Print Tunic’ collection. There are also the super skinny jeans which fit like second skin.

Accessories and footwear, Modita feels, should not be overdone. She reasons since the clothes are bright and colourful, minimal accessories would look more attractive. “Match the colour of accessories to the clothes or even metal accessories are good,” she says.

And as for footwear, Modita points out that for a casual day look slippers, flats and flip-flops would do and for a party finish sandals with or without heels, stilettos, and wedges would be perfect.