MSEZ pipeline issue evokes resentment among people

MSEZ pipeline issue evokes resentment among people

In a meeting convened by the general public of Bala, Thokur and Katipalla regions at Bala Samudaya Bhavana on Sunday, the people unanimously expressed their anguish towards the project. In the meeting the public decided to urge the company to stop the land acquisition, failing, which they would resort to staging severe fight. There is fear about the houses getting demolished, as several houses fall under the area where the pipeline is said to pass.

“We will not allow our houses to be demolished. Let the company modify the blueprint of the project and make the pipeline pass by the roadside. As per the present blueprint, the pipeline would pass through the residential area. It is believed that six-feet broad road is required for pipeline construction work,” said one of the resident.

If the pipeline is laid as per the current plan, the worst hit would be the rehabilitated families in Katipalla rehabilitation colony. Years back, several families residing near NMPT, Panambur were shifted and rehabilitated to Katipalla. With plans of passing ISPRL pipelines in Katipalla, the once rehabilitated families in Katipalla colony are worried about their future, thinking what would be their condition if they are forced to move from the place once again. As per the rules, a company is not allowed to take up projects in the rehabilitated colonies. But the public claim that ISPRL is violating the norms. The company has already carried out the survey.

Why the pipeline?

ISPRL intends to store the crude oil of its petroleum products in the quarry in Pavoor near Udupi. It has taken up this project as a part of its Petroleum Storage Project. As the ISPRL building will be set up at Thokur, the company will have to lay pipeline for about 39 km to transport crude oil from Thokur to Pavoor. A huge tank type of structure is being built in Pavoor by drilling the quarry. The tank will have the capacity of 2.5 million tons. 
As per the sources, India would be in a position to use this stored crude oil for about 14 days in case of emergency.

 Meanwhile a committee too was formed to fight against the project.