Watermelon seeds can save you from high BP

Watermelon seeds can save you from high BP

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According to a new research, the humble seeds  have the potential to control several diseases, including high BP  and cholesterol in arteries.

The findings of the study carried out by AP Verma, former head of the Botany Department of AN College in Patna, have been confirmed by the Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi.

The research findings show that chemicals extracted from the milky juice of watermelon seeds contain a glucoside named cucurbotrin that has efficacy in reducing cholesterol. Cucurbotrin also helps in weight loss and scanty urination.  

Till now, watermelon, the voluminous summer fruit, was consumed for its soft and sweet pink flesh to quench the thirst. It helps beat the heat as the edible part of the watermelon is rich in potassium, sodium and other minerals.

“The findings showed a fair amount of glucoside in watermelon seeds, thereby establishing its efficacy in controlling loss of weight, scanty urination, protection of arterial lumen and haemoptysis,” Verma told Deccan Herald on Sunday.

Verma averred that the fruit with green stripes on the outside and pink flesh as the edible part qualified as a preferred supplementary food to compensate the loss of minerals in summer, as it contains minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorous, copper, magnesium and chlorine, besides Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin C.

According to an estimate, in every 100 gm of fleshy part of watermelon, there is a potassium and sodium content measuring 319 mg and 135 mg respectively, which increases the food value of watermelon substantially.