Sai Baba on silent revolution

Sai Baba on silent revolution

According to the Ever-Blissful Avatar, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, despite what's happening around us, we're in for a happy surprise. He says, “a revolution-more powerful and pervasive than any that man has undergone so far-not  political, economic, scientific or technological but deeper and more fundamental than them all, is now on. It is the spiritual revolution. It clarifies the inner vision of man so that he can see the atmic reality. Its impact will surely envelop and enrich all human communities and transform mankind into a stream of seekers flowing smoothly to the limitless sea of divinity."

So, my little moments of serious inner query, my meditating and well wishing and praying for peace and doing the best I'm able are paying off?  Yes!  And Sai Baba assures us the good we are doing for others and for ourselves is mightily important. It is precisely this sincere devotion that is changing the world.

In addition, Puttaparthi Sai suggests that once we begin to understand that God is not separate from us, we have become active participants in the silent revolution. It is right then and there in that transformative awareness that we begin creating a Golden Age, by our thoughts, our deeds, and our actions.  Obviously, the Golden Age is not a far off fantasy. We are in it now.

Mother-Father Sai guides us, “The goal of self-realization depends upon the foundation of self-confidence. You must, therefore, first develop confidence in yourself.”
 Sai insists, “without self-confidence, you can never attain bliss. You are God yourself; God is the eternal resident of your heart."

Sai Baba is direct, "Many people go on pilgrimage in search of God. They foolishly think that they can find Him at such places. God is not present somewhere else. In fact, you are yourself God; He is present in all. God is only one. He is present wherever you look for Him. He is in you, with you, above you, below you and around you. God is beyond birth and death and dwells in every being in the form of the Divine Self. He is present in all human beings, be it a child or an old man.”