Aravind in charge again

Aravind in charge again

Taking charge for most part of the race, Aravind clinched the crown in the Foreign Open (Group A, 250cc-500cc) and was also adjudged the best rider. Pradeep HK finished second in moto I and Baroda’s Veer Patel clinched the third spot but with a second place finish in the moto II, Patel finished second overall while Pradeep settled for third. Aravind leads the championship table with 77 points, followed by team-mate Pradeep with 69 points.

Results: Foreign Open: Group A (250cc-500cc) Moto I: Aravind KP (TVS Racing) 1; HK Pradeep (TVS Racing) 2; Veer Patel (Baroda) 3. Moto II: Aravind KP 1; Veer Patel 2; HK Pradeep 3.

Indian Experts: Group B ( upto 260cc): Moto I: HK Pradeep (TVS) 1; Aravind KP (TVS) 2; Pramod Joshua (TVS) 3. Moto II: HK Pradeep 1; Pramod Joshua 2; Aravind KP 3.
Indian Experts: Group C (upto 260cc): Pramod Joshua (TVS) 1; CD Jinan (Kerala) 2; Mohammed Azghar (TVS) 3.

Private: Foreign Open: Group A (upto 260cc): CD Jinan (Kerala) 1; Harith Noah (Kerala) 2; Allen Sequiera (Goa) 3.

Experts: Group C (upto 260 cc): Grishin KC (Kerala) 1; Shabaz Khan (Mysore) 2; Mohammed Wasim (Bangalore) 3.

Novice: Group C ( upto 260 cc): Grishin KC (Kerala) 1; Shabaz Khan (Mysore) 2; Murthy R (Bangalore) 3.

Locals: Group B ( upto 260 cc): Prakash R 1; Anand A 2; Ramesh Kumar P 3.
Individual award: Best rider: Aravind KP.