Obama's limousine can move on with tyres blown off!

Obama's limousine can move on with tyres blown off!

The black Cadillac, weighing three tonnes, can run at a top speed of just 60 miles per hour. Driven by an expert CIA agent, it has wheels that carry on even if the tyres are blown off, Daily Express reported Monday.

The armour-plated car is fitted with every conceivable defence mechanism, from super-thick bulletproof glass to tear gas canisters and pump-action shot guns.

Valued 185,000 pounds ($300,000), this special car is said to be built in such a way that it can withstand attack from rocket-propelled grenades.

There are supplies of Obama’s blood on board in case he is shot and needs an emergency transfusion. The car is also equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology so the president can effectively run the US from the rear seat.

At the touch of a button, Obama, shielded behind 10-inch thick bulletproof doors, has access to a laptop with wireless internet, a satellite phone and a direct line to Vice President Joe Biden and the chiefs of staff in the Pentagon.

In case Obama wants to relax, he can pick from an array of CDs on the entertainment system, which includes an iPod dock.