Marsh fate hangs in balance as Pune set to sack Reeve

Marsh fate hangs in balance as Pune set to sack Reeve

However it is almost confirmed that former England all-rounder Dermot Reeve will get the boot after the disastrous campaign. But former India batsman Praveen Amre is likely to be retained as one of the assistant coaches for the next season.

According to reliable sources, Sahara supremo Subrata Roy will take a call on Marsh's future and the other members of the support staff in the next couple of days.

"It will be the owner's call. The franchise model demands that non-performers will have to make way for someone new. If one has a look at the team, the Pune Warriors had the best domestic set-up and this sort of result is unacceptable," a source told PTI today.

It has been learnt that Marsh, who enjoyed a lot of success as Australian coach having won the World Cup as well as Ashes, couldn't come to terms with the needs of Twenty20.

Marsh handled his resources pretty poorly and people believe that his "lack of assertiveness" was one of the reasons for poor show.

"He was soft in his approach. He could never make it clear as to what exactly he wanted from his players," the source added.

The only thing that could save Marsh is that it was the first year for the franchise and the owners may feel that he deserves a second chance. However, after a pathetic first year, the management is keen on starting with a clean slate next season.

As for the two assistant coaches, Reeve's role in the team's 45-day campaign has been minimal.

He didn't bring much to the table and the management doesn't find it wise to persist with the former England all-rounder.

About Amre, the team management is happy with the effort he has put in. Also the fact that there aren't too many good Indian coaches makes Amre's case stronger.