Expert: Kylie KwongExploring the beauty of China

Kylie Kwong My China — Guangzhou’ airs on May 24 at 10 pm on TLC. Kylie Kwong rediscovers her Chinese heritage in ‘Kylie Kwong My China’.

Whether searching for the perfect dumpling in Shanghai, exploring the contemporary art scene in Beijing and Hong Kong, or marvelling at the silkiness of freshly-made noodles in Xi’an, Kylie is tireless in her quest for new experiences and encounters, cooking up a storm and winning hearts wherever she goes. Join Kylie as her journey continues along the Eastern seaboard.

In this episode, Kylie travels to Guangzhou to unleash some mouth-watering local delicacies. 

Grounded: Ratan Rajput‘I am not making any promises’

She is set to choose her ‘life partner’ on national television but Ratan Rajput, the star of reality TV show Ratan Ka Rishta, is not promising that the story will have a happy ending with a good old wedding. The 20-year-old, who shot to fame playing the protagonist in hit soaps like Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo and Radha Ki Betiyan, said that unlike her predecessor Rahul Mahajan, she does not want to make any claims. “Rahul announced that he will marry on the show and he did. I hope for the same and I am optimistic and committed to finding a life partner. But I do not want to make any claims because I cannot even predict what is going to happen tomorrow,” said Ratan. The TV star received a total of 54,863 wedding proposals from across the country after the announcement of her Swayamvar on Imagine TV.

After whittling down to 16 prospective grooms, Ratan is now in the process of searching out her ‘Mr Right’, but says that any announcement will be premature. “I cannot plan these things because emotions, not just mine but of 16 other people, are involved and you cannot predict matters of the heart,” said the actress. But Ratan knows exactly what she wants in her to-be-groom. “I am a practical person and I want both pyaar (love) and paisa (money). That is my P2 formula of finding my groom. I don’t want to always work for money so I want a man who can provide for me if the need arises,” said Ratan.

And what should her ideal husband look like? “I am not looking for a good looking man but a man of character. Good looks can be ruined in a minute but the qualities stay. I want a mature and intelligent man and that is on top of my priorities,” said Ratan.
The star is shooting for the show which will go on air on May 30 in the luxurious Shiv Vilas Resort.

And though the final decision will be hers, Ratan’s father and mother, a retired civil servant and a homemaker from Bihar respectively, are very involved in the process.
 “My parents are camera shy so they will not be seen much on the screen but they are here and very involved in the process. Though all the decisions are mine I take
their advice seriously,” said Ratan.  When asked whether she will continue her acting
 career after tying the knot, she replied, “That will be a decision taken jointly by my partner and me. But I do expect that my husband will let me continue with my career because I am here today because of my work.” 

Funny family drama 

ABig CBS Love presents of ‘The King of Queens’ on May 24 at 8.30 pm.

‘The King of Queens’ revolves around Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a loving blue-collar couple from Queens, New York, who share their humble home with her eccentric father, Arthur. After a long day’s work as a parcel deliveryman, Doug retreats to his home for some peace and quiet, which is often interrupted by Carrie’s father, for whom they have hired a dog-walker, Holly, to take him on walks.

Doug’s only refuges are the little time he spends alone with Carrie and the company of his buddy Spence, and his brother, Danny, whom he turns to for advice that just might make his life better, if he only bothered to follow it. 

In this episode, when friends begin complimenting Doug on his new svelte figure, Carrie becomes jealous of all the attention he is receiving.

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