Religious: 'Ganesha- The Elephant God'The gentle giant

Ganesha — The Elephant God’ is a programme on temple elephants which are a part of religion and culture in India. The programme shows how these elephants are looked after and worshipped. It also speaks about how they carry temple deities on special occasions. They are beasts of burden, shifting trains and carrying logs. ‘Ganesha — The Elephant God’ airs on May 25 at 8 pm on Discovery Channel. 

Passionate about restoring 

Desert Car Kings’ profiles Ron and Jason McClure and their family business — Desert Valley Auto Parts — which houses over 10,000 rust-free vehicles over 100 sun-baked Arizona acres. The team is not content with merely providing original parts for thousands of car collectors and restoration junkies each year. Join McClures and their crew in this episode as they are constantly on the hunt for cars to restore. ‘Desert Car Kings’ airs on Discovery Turbo on May 25 at 9 pm. 

The French connection

FOX History and Entertainment Channel presents ‘Traveller Band — Food Safari — French Safari Part 1’ on May 25 at 9 pm. Maeve meets up with top chef Guillaume Brahimi, owner and chef of Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House. He gives the rundown on the essential French ingredients — great butter and salt (both French), bread, fresh herbs, mustard and cheeses. He cooks up a beef bourguignon and shares the secrets of the perfect potato mash.

Former chef France Vidal makes a French onion soup in half an hour; TV chef Gabriel Gate gives the rundown on essential cooking equipment and makes an easy summer dessert using raspberries, while renowned chef Philippe Mouchel shows his knife work. And innovative French chef Meyjitte Boughenout from Absynthe on the Gold Coast whips up a one pan fish dish from his hometown.

Delicious: ‘Kitchen Champion 4’Queens of cooking

Kitchen Champion 4’ airs on Colors on May 25 at 1 pm. The episode begins with Ronit Roy introducing Chef Gauti and Punpunwali.

Further, they disclose the theme of the day — ‘Taro Tazaa’. Rivals on the show Surbhi and Pari fight each other in the Chef Chilli Round.The loser faces Punpunwali to get the ingredients while the winner starts cooking ‘Warm Mushroom Creme Soup’ with ‘Sesame Papaya Salad’. 

Ronit and the chef go around and watch the contestants work on their dishes. Later in the episode, chef feels that the winner had wasted the opportunity to seek his help.
Finally, it’s time for the results to be announced. Who will be able to make Five Star Ka Khaana Ghar Pe? Surbhi or Pari? Tune into this exciting episode of ‘Kitchen Champion 4’ to find out. 

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