Tamil star Vijay reveals his political dreams


“Unlike the world of entertainment, politics has its own pitfalls... if one slips up, he would never know where he would end up," said the star Monday at a function organised in Pudukkottai, 390 km from Chennai.  

“To enable me to know more about the murky world of politics, I launched this people's movement. I would use this movement as a platform to prepare myself to take the political plunge later. No force can harm us. I have the will and determination to face any kind of problems. I would like all my fans to have same kind of determination,” said the actor who recently turned 35.

Vijay also called upon his fans to enrol “a minimum of one lakh members in district capitals and a minimum of 50,000 members at the panchayat union level” for the movement.

"If you do this, I will give priority to serving people over my film career and family. I would be a leader as well as a follower of the people, if you strengthen our movement,” he said.

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