Trust the inner guide

Trust the inner guide

 Don Juan was a man of the heart, he was intuitive like all mystics are. He taught Castaneda how to awaken the inner guide and then embark on the journey of life.
Sounds fascinating but how does one awaken the inner guide?

Castaneda narrates a beautiful story about his master. The master took him on a dark night on a hill and told him, "Start running with closed eyes by relying on your internal guide." It was dangerous.The hill was unknown, the thick forest was full of ditches. And his master said, "Do not walk, run!"

Castaneda  thought it was akin to suicide. He couldn't dare to do it. But the master closed his eyes and ran like a wild animal and came back. Castaneda did not understand how he was running, and each time how could he come back to the same point.

Then slowly, looking at his master, Castaneda mustered his courage. When the old man
could run why couldn't he do so! He tried, first with fear and then with a trusting heart. Suddenly, he felt an inner light was kindled in his heart.

This was the light that was guiding his master. This light has a vision, a sense that guides you through the life.

The inner light is our innate intelligence, the inherent wisdom. Everyone is born with it. You can pass through any danger if your inner guide is awake. The inner guide is called ‘Antarviveka’ in Bhagvad Gita. While commenting on Gita Osho says, "It seems so difficult to be in touch with the inner guide because we have trained the intellectual mind too much. Our schools, our colleges, our universities, our culture, civilization, all stuff our brain. We have broken ties with the inner guide. We are all born with the ‘Antarviveka’, but do not allow it to function.

It is crippled but it can be resurrected. To choose a path with a heart you must be free from fear and ambition. The desire to learn is not an ambition, on the contrary when the ambition is dropped then alone can one learn.

If you are bogged down by the fear of the unknown how can you know the reality? Stop thinking too much and start living in the heart."

Thinking about yourself too much gives you a strange fatigue that makes you shut off the world around you and cling to your mind. Trust more, feel more, breathe into the heart more so that the inner guide has more space and can function freely.