BDA to redraw Arkavathy Layout

BDA to redraw Arkavathy Layout

The BDA has gone in for a rejig following the Government’s decision to allocate 60 per cent of the developed land to farmers who parted with their land that has curtailed the number of developed sites on offer for site allottees who had applied through BDA.

Sources in the BDA say that the layout will now take a different shape with reallocation of sites to allottees based on a survey that is being undertaken by the third party consultant.
According to sources in the BDA, the land-sharing agreement between the government and the land losers will see each block in the Arkavathy Layout being dissolved and redrawn, after the farmers receive their share of developed land.

“We have been told by the engineers concerned that the third party consultant has been appointed to look into the land sharing between the land losers and the allottees. They have told us that most sites will be reallotted in the near future once the consultants submit a detailed report on how to divide the land between the farmers and the allottees,” said a site allottee.

However, BDA Commissioner Bharath Lal Meena has denied the appointment of the consultant for ascertaining the division of the developed land between the farmers and site allottees. “How can we appoint a third party consultant? There is no such development,” he said.  The actual notification at the time of the formation of the layout was for 2,750 acres. But, the BDA was able to acquire only 1,200 acre as owners of the other 1,550 acres had not given their consent.

It is now learnt that all land losers in the Arkavathy Layout have been issued notices directing them to choose either between developed land admeasuring 9,583 square feet or monetary compensation.

To ease the burden on the farmers, the BDA has now asked the tahsildars in Bangalore East and North to collect the applications from them for their consent to part with the land in return for the compensation.