We have seen many Headleys, says Bal Thackeray

We have seen many Headleys, says Bal Thackeray

"We are not afraid of Headley. We have seen many such Headleys," Thackeray said in a statement in Mumbai.

He alleged that it was "due to Congress governments in the state and at the Centre that they (Headleys) are encouraged".

Thackeray said a a few Shiv Sainiks are enough for his security.

"My stance has been in the country's interest and it will continue to remain so," he added.

Giving his testimony on the second day of the trial of 26/11 co-accused Tawahhur Rana, a Canadian of Pakistani origin, Headley, a Pakistani-American who who had surveyed Sena headquarters in Mumbai in 2008, testified there was a plot involving his handlers in ISI and LeT to assassinate Bal Thackeray.

Headley also talked about the hatred against Sena among his Pakistani handlers.

Meanwhile, Sena PRO Rajaram Rege, the man Headley mentions in his testimony, said the Pakistan-American had told him that he wanted to visit the Sena Bhavan, to which he replied that he cannot do that because it was not a tourism spot.

"This particular gentleman came with one person called Vilas Vorat and asked me he would like to see the Sena Bhavan. So, I clearly told him that this is not a tourism spot and so you can't see the Sena Bhavan," Rege said.

He said he was at that time was not holding any post in Sena then but was a member of the party.

Rege said that Headley described him as a PRO of Sena "was his version and not my version".

"So many people come to the Sena Bhavan for work. So, I didn't find anything wrong in that because he (Headley) came with Vilas Vorat," Rege said.