Headley wrote his will before travelling to India post 26/11

Headley wrote his will before travelling to India post 26/11

"I am travelling and things are so bad these days, I would like to leave a few instructions with you in case of my death or if I am anticipated for some reason," Headley wrote to Rana on March 3, 2009 in an email.

Explaining the purpose behind this email, Headley said he was afraid of going back to India at this point of time because of increased surveillance.

"Why?" he was asked.

"Because I have been coming in and out of India before the (Mumbai) attacks, conducted the surveillance, (so I was) was concerned about being apprehended in India during the travel," he said.

In the email he identifies his two wives as M1 and M2.

"First of all M2. Please get her to Canada as soon as possible. Till that time comes, send her USD 350 per month through Pasha. Communicate with her through him and don't give her your numbers, even if you call her, as the number doesn't show up on card calls. When she does get the visa, give her Canadian USD 6000 and ticket and instructions," Headley said.

"Regarding M1, sit with her and decide whether she should return home immediately, or after one year, or after two years. We will play this by ear if I am incapacitated, if I die then use your best judgment," he wrote.

"I would like my sons to get into Aicthison after their Hifz, to if you can swing it, great, and if not then whatever is the next best option," he said.