Taking it eazzeeee!!!

Proud to be Josephites

Taking it eazzeeee!!!

Students share a light moment.

St Joseph’s College of Commerce, a contemporary building on Brigade Road, nurtures an old education and value-based tradition dating back to 1882 in a vibrant and modern fashion by the Jesuit fathers.

 Aside from its academic record, the famous cricket team and various extra-curricular activities, the student body as a whole is passionate about being SJCCites (distinct from other Josephites) and are very gung ho about their institution and all it represents.
Meeting them at random, one cannot help but wonder about these neatly-scrubbed earnest kids who simply look too good to be true.

No signs of bizarre behaviour like mohawks, spiked-coloured hair, obvious tattoos or body piercings. In fact, signs of teenage angst and rebellion are noticeably absent. Well-mannered and well-dressed, polite and friendly. Is this what really makes a present day SJCCite?

“It is a comfortable place to be in with rules that are easy to follow. The authorities treat us like reasonable adults and allow us to be ourselves. We have a dress code which is fair especially compared to other colleges that are quite paranoid,” say third-year students Michelle and Shifa.

So far so good, the formal dress code from Monday to Thursday accounts for the boys’ preppy look. Weekends allow for tees and jeans (no printed slogans) and girls are not allowed to flash their bare arms or wear skirts of any length.

“‘Eazzeeee!!!’ is our campus buzzword. Whatever the provocation, however tense the moment or excitable the situation, the word with the right emphasis on the ‘zzzee’ has the magic effect of calming the situation down and restoring order and calm,” say Noorain and Priyanka from the first year.

Cricket and football matches are keenly fought and contested with the whole college turning up to cheer the teams on. Hey.. hey.. hey... goodbye is the team cheer that rings out loudly across fields riling the opponent colleges no end. “Our Kananda Sangha is one of the most popular cultural teams on campus keenly winning inter-collegiate competitions. There are plenty of clubs and associations for all tastes and talents, while our dance and music teams are one of the best in the City,” says Avinash, president, Student Council.

Now with a smart canteen, complete with vending machines, hanging out after hours has become quite a common SJCC practice.

“There’s always so much to do, practising for upcoming events or planning new ones that we rarely go home as soon as class is done. Most often we are here till 6 pm,” says third year student Jemma.

“When we studied here, it was a small college of 500 students where we spent five memorable years getting to know each other. Our lecturers saw us through our adolescent crises and taught us many lessons in humanity that were not in text books. We still come back each year to felicitate our old teachers on Teacher’s Day and also our office and maintenance staff, many of whom are second generation. That's what makes us true SJCCites,” says Mohandas Pai, a past student.

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