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Food for thought

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Food for thought

 A group of hostelites out for dinner.

Watery sambhar with hardly vegetables in it, the same set of dishes cooked every week, no non-vegetarian food. This is the plight shared by most hostelites or students staying in paying guest accommodations in the City.

The common complaint is that most hostels and paying guest accommodations serve only rice, sambhar, rasam, chapathis and a dry vegetable dish for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, they say, it is always the idli, vada, dosa, upma or puri. Many students, who hail from the northern part of the country, find it difficult to manage with these.

The other grievance is that in most of the PGs and hostels, the food is not cooked well and does not taste any good.  Hence, most of them go out to eateries, where food is tasty, healthy and inexpensive.

Spoorthi Jayaram, who stays in a paying guest accommodation, says, “The food provided at the place I stay is manageable at times, but then I always seek to eat something which is better. After having the tasty food prepared by my mom, my tastebuds don’t agree to anything else. At times, the food here is unbearable.”

Vanya, who is from West Bengal, says, “I just cannot to eat rice every day, that is why I choose to go out and eat roti and dal elsewhere. When there is no other go and I am running out of money which happens during the month-end, I go back to the hostel food.”

Many students go out in search of places where they get the food of the region they belong to.

Though it might not be feasible every time, some of them say that they have it at least three to four times in a month. Most of them also like to go on a tasting spree at different restaurants as it helps them explore the places which offer good food.

They also have a lot of fun in the process. Buffets are famous among hostelites, especially boys, as they are not very expensive for the amount of food offered and one gets to have a full course meal. 

Santosh says, “To have yummy food at hostels is highly impossible and this drives most of us out on the roads in search of delicious food.”     

Soujanya says, “Day in and day out, I get bored of eating the same food. The menu also does not change, that is why I wait for any opportunity to gorge on yummy food. All my friends pool in money and we go out and eat to give our tastebuds a break.” 

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