This drain work has been on forever

This drain work has been on forever

Woes: Mysore-Bangalore Road a sticky wicket for vehicle users

slushy: (Above) Incessant rains and improper roads are causing difficulties on Mysore-Bangalore Road, near Bannimantap, in Mysore. (Below) A view of the drain under construction for more than six months. DH Photos by prashanth H gTourists who come from far off places to have a look at the mesmerising royal palaces and the mystical goddess Chamundeshwari will be in for a rude shock once their vehicle crosses the toll gate and enters the city.

The road which was partially closed to construct a storm water drain under JnNURM more than six months ago, remains in same condition till date as the works are progressing at snail’s pace.

The road is now constricted to not more than a few feet and an alternate route has been made next to it. Ironically, a huge tree standing right in the middle of this road acts as the road divider so that the vehicle riders coming from both the directions are forced to do some acrobatics to navigate through the road carefully.

Heavy rains that lashed the city during the wee hours on Wednesday had worsened the situation of already pathetic road -- and the road users, especially those riding two wheelers have to literally risk their lives before passing through the stretch, in order to avoid the slimy red soil, fearing their vehicle may skid anytime.

While works are underway at one side, another side is wide open with flowing drain water with only a few bamboo sticks offering namesake protection, thus inviting danger. The Fire brigade office is situated just few yards away from the storm water drain and St Joseph’s hospital is right behind the drain.

The most popular JSS Medical college and hospital and JSS College for Pharmacy is also situated on the same junction. The materials required for the construction works have also been dumped on the roadsides, which is again blocking the traffic since several months.

The JnNURM officials have a standard reply that the works would be completed as early as possible but the residents feel that the road work under progress is sure to stay for a long time. The officials may be relaxing thinking the fire brigade would swing into action if there are any casualties and the hospital right behind the drain would be ready to provide them treatment.

Funds under JnNURM

The storm water drain is being constructed under JnNURM at a cost of ` 40.4 crore. While the Government of India has sanctioned around ` 32 crore for the project, the Government of Karnataka will bear the remaining cost.