Metro work changes the face of Vijayanagar

Metro work changes the face of Vijayanagar

A severe blow to business, as people hesitate to shop owing to increased traffic

AT A COST: Pillars erected for Metro work have converted the wide roads of Vijayanagar into narrow lanes, resulting in traffic bottlenecks. DH Photo

The large pillars which are to support the Metro tracks have started to take shape in the area. The once spacious roads have now been restricted to a single narrow stretch on either side. Most residents now prefer to use the service roads as the public buses block the main roads.

Ramesh, an auto driver says: “The buses normally create huge traffic jams in the area. Traffic is at its worst around 6 pm. However the traffic police have done a commendable job, by diverting traffic onto the service road to ease congestion.”

Street vendors face a tough time as the increased traffic in the service roads makes customers hesitant to shop there. Ramkrishna, a store manager said: “The Metro construction has not affected our sales as we are not on the main road. However, many other shops face a difficult time as customers cannot find parking space for their vehicles and choose to shop elsewhere. As a result many shops are forced to shift their location.”

Loss of green cover

While residents do look forward to the completion of the Metro, several others bemoan the loss of tree cover. Nature lover and former resident of Vijayanagar, A Deepak said: “This area used to be covered with trees. Now they have been replaced with pillars. In fact I can barely recognise the area.” Venkatesh, a resident of Kengeri, echoes Deepak’s sentiments:
“The area has become extremely commercial. Vijayanagar was one of the few remaining areas with that ‘old Bangalore’ feel; that is now gone forever. Pedestrians also face a tough time as the footpath has all but vanished. “A subway was built to help citizens but authorities keep it locked during peak hours,” said Deepak.