'Ready' revolves around Salman and I don't mind it: Asin

'Ready' revolves around Salman and I don't mind it: Asin

'Ready' revolves around Salman and I don't mind it: Asin

"When a film stars Salman Khan, it is but natural that the script is written to accentuate his presence in the film. It is also logical to have the film revolve around him. The same has to reflect in the promos as well where his style and mannerisms are exposed to the audience," Asin told PTI.

The Annes Bazmee directorial is the third Hindi film for the 25-year-old actress, who has decided to work in only one big Bollywood venture a time and wait for the results rather than pick up multiple projects.

"This was a conscious decision. I waited for the best offer to come my way and I got that in the form of 'Ready' where I get to play a solo heroine in a commercial film with Salman and Anees Bazmee," said Asin.

And the actress has the trend continuing with her next film 'Housefull 2' as well, where she has Akshay Kumar for company.

With almost a decade's experience in South Indian films, Asin debuted in Bollywood opposite Aamir Khan in 'Ghajini'. Despite being in showbiz for so long and working with superstars, the actress says she hasn't let fame get to her head.

"I am a grounded person, mainly because of the kind of upbringing that I have had. My parents are very down to earth people and that is one reason why I never try to fly high.

Being a part of the industry hasn't changed one bit of me or my family over the years," she said.

"I feel everyday that I still have to prove a point. I don't consider myself as someone who is so big that her success could go to her head," she said.

Salman is called Prem in 'Ready', which sparked off rumours that the actor is set to re-create his onscreen chemistry with Madhuri Dixit from the hit movie 'Hum Aapke Hai Kaun'. But Asin dismissed them as mere speculation.

"I don't know from where did these Madhuri-Salman talks start. In fact while I was shooting for the film, I wasn't even thinking of Madhuri or making any conscious effort to recreate it. We just went ahead and followed the script."

"I am sure that I hadn't got any such brief. If at all such stories started making rounds, it was after the shooting was through. Perhaps some people saw a still or two from the film and started bringing on comparisons with Madhuri or Aishwarya. I can assure though that all of this is plain speculation," she said.