Opening a new chapter

Opening a new chapter

Gandhinagar Grapevine:

Dramatic: Ragini and Aditya in Tippu.

Rowdies are often feared and kept at a distance. But one doesn’t think how these people turn to the underworld and what had forced them to choose such ways. Tippu does this and unravels the human side of a criminal. That even a criminal can turn into a good man, thanks to love, is what Tippu attempts to capture on camera.

The film resembles real life situations. Aditya, who plays the lead in the film opposite Ragini, says he has to emote on two different planes: one of a bad guy and the other of a man who is struck by love and desperately looks for a closure of his past. “The two faces are dead opposite. It’s an intense love story of a gangster who yearns to lead a normal life just like those around him. The man, not used to communicating any other emotion other than anger and frustration, now wants to communicate his feelings to the woman he loves. This he is able to do only through his eyes,” Aditya says.

Aditya explains the role has given him an opportunity to explore the actor in him.
“This film gave me a chance to prove my histrionics. I have changed my look in the film. One is fierce and the other is sober. There’s immense scope for performances. The sudden twists and turns in the story is sure to keep the viewers glued to their seats,” says an excited Aditya, who is currently shooting in Mysore.

Director M S Ramesh pointed out that there’s nobody who doesn’t want to be loved and cared for.

“My protagonist is no different. He falls in love and that feeling inspires him to want to steer away from his past and begin a new life. But his dark side haunts him as he struggles on,” said Ramesh.

The battle to regain the lost respect is what the film strives to portray.

Aditya falls in love with Ragini who loves him even after she knows about his background. “There’s a twist in the tale and that changes the whole sequence,” says Ramesh.