Police raid Hindalga jail to check nefarious acts

Police raid Hindalga jail to check nefarious acts

3 cell phones, 5 SIM cards, marijuana, television set seized

behind barracks: The Central Prison at Hindalga in Belgaum was raided by the police on Thursday and banned articles were seized from inmates. Dh Photo

Raids were conducted between 5.30 am to 9 am and it caught the prison inmates and staff unawares.

Simultaneous raids were conducted in different sections led in the prison and inmates hardly got time to hide the things in their possession.

Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil told Deccan Herald that raids began at about 5.30 am while most of the inmates were asleep.

Three cell phones, five SIM cards and chargers hidden at different places, marijuana, cell phone chargers, cigarettes in huge quantity, television set, liquor bottles, cards and other items were seized from the possession of local gangsters in undertrial and convicts’ barracks.

Some of the items were also seized from special cells and hospital. Based on information that cell phones and other banned items were being used by the inmates, the raid was conducted by a team of two deputy superintendent of police, three police inspectors and 20 staff members and the huge recoveries were made, Patil said.