Touching stories of contestants

X Factor India’ premieres on May 29 at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. The launch episode will feature the exciting and extensive ‘X Factor’ auditions in
Mumbai. Watch on as judges,  Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, are touched by the heart-rending stories of some of the contestants.

Getting down and dirty

TLC presents ‘Rude Boy Food’ on May 28 at 10.30 pm. Gritty and urban, with a raw, ingenious and energetic approach to cooking and entertaining, ‘Rude Boy Food’ sees charismatic chef Aaron Craze cook up cracking international street food across London.
In this episode, chef-with-attitude Aaron Craze celebrates his favourite street food, Caribbean, at a party to kick off his favourite carnival, Notting Hill.
Aaron serves up his signature dish, Big Al's jerk pork, as well as polenta plantain chips and fried fish. 

Hours of non-stop fun

After keeping the viewers glued to the television sets for over three months, popular reality show, Pyate Hudigir Halli Life – 2, comes to an end with a non-stop grand finale. 
The 14-hour long finale will air on May 29, 9 am onwards. ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh was the chief guest of the finale, that took place in a tiny village, about 500 km away from Bangalore. Pyate Hudigir Halli Lifu started with 12 city girls living in Kerakalamatti, a dry and dusty village in North Karnataka in Bagalkote District.
The participants had to live in this village for over 60 days and go through different tasks, which were based on the village customs and culture. The show also explored various facets of the village, including traditional games, customs, festivities etc. Villagers played the key role of guiding, teaching, judging and even eliminating the participants.

Out of the twelve
participants who undertook this arduous challenge, only two could make it to final round.
“The winner has been picked through voting by villagers. Apart from a reality show, this programme allowed us to showcase the culture of North Karnataka. We believe this is what helped the show garner a good viewership,” says
Anup Chandrashekharan, Business Head, Suvarna. 

Of friendships and relationships
Big CBS Spark presents ‘90210’ on May 29 at 10 pm. A lot has changed in Beverly Hills over the past summer. Some friendships have solidified, while others have been destroyed in the aftershocks of the earthquake that was prom night.

Some romances have bloomed, while others have wilted or died on the vine. Some characters have struggled in an effort to be understood, while others have done everything within their power to conceal who they are and the horrible things they have done. As Annie cringes in embarrassment with Grandma Tabitha taking over training for the school play, she has a difficult choice to make — between Ethan and Ty. But are things really over with Ethan and Naomi, or are their lives so entwined that there’s no place for anyone else? And while Dixon takes a job to help out with finances at home, he has to be careful that it doesn’t affect his school work. And Naomi discovers that her father’s affair is much deeper than she thought.