We are sympathetic to Krittika's plight: Napolitano

We are sympathetic to Krittika's plight: Napolitano

"I think that I can sympathise with this young woman who was apparently caught up in a situation not of her own making," Napolitano said at a joint press conference with Indian Home Minster P. Chidambaram.

"The matter is now being litigated in our courts. Under rules in the US, it is not appropriate to comment on matters that are actually in the court. But I think I can say that we are very sympathetic to this young woman," she added.

Krittika Biswas, student of John Bowne High School and daughter of Debashish Biswas, vice consul (administration) at the Indian Consulate General in New York, has filed a notice of claim of $1.5 million May 6.

She said her claims of diplomatic immunity were ignored when she was handcuffed and locked up for more than 24 hours Feb 8 after a "shoddy" probe by administrators into alleged obscene emails sent to two teachers in her school.

The US State Department said Thursday that it does not recognise that diplomatic immunity under Vienna Convention extends to family members of consular officers.

India has, however, taken a position that immunity does cover family members, who also hold diplomatic passports.