Get a chip for your pup!

Get a chip for your pup!

‘Dog missing’ ads may amuse those who have never known emotions behind having a pet. There are people who even smirk at owners who try to trace their missing pets by even spending good amount of money on ads and posters. And the pain of a pet that never returned home can only be understood by those who have a heart that loves pets; much beyond others’ comprehension.

Wish technology had an answer for this, did you say? Love it, or hate it. But, technology today is God. It’s omnipresent and is just about everywhere in our lives, providing answers. Right from hospitals to electric crematoriums, our lives are dominated and controlled by technology. We have even found newer uses for technology to make our lives smoother and easier. When everything in the world is getting hooked by technology, right from lights, switches and air conditioners, are we going to leave our pets too far behind from this?

How about a wonder chip for your pet which can enable it to be traced easily even when it strays too far from home? According to Dr L Ranganath, Founder-President of  Mysore Kennel Club — which is working under Kennel Club of India — registering your pets is the most surefire way of ensuring their safety.

However, this facility is not extended to every owner, since this is something that applies only to dogs which are of good pedigree - a pure breed in other words. Mysore Kennel Club, which was set up in 1932, has its head office in Bangalore. However, the premier club has over 100 members in the city, who have registered their pure breed dogs.

Benefits of registration

Upon registration the dog owner will get a certificate from KCI (Kennel Club of India) with the details of the owner, details of the dog, including the microchip number which serves as an Identification number for life time of this pet.

The chip helps in tracing the dog when it is lost, confirming its identification during breeding etc. The biggest advantage of this chip is that the dog can be taken overseas too, in case you are moving home or taking off on long holiday or even shifting base for greener pastures.

This apart, the benefits of registering a dog with Kennel club of India confirms the quality and purity of the breed, eligibility for participation in dog shows conducted by Kennel Club of India, while improving the price and value of their dog and the pups born to them upon breeding. All pure breeds of dog, for eg., German Shepherd, Labrador, Pug, Boxer etc., can be registered. However the local non descriptive breed and cross breed dogs are ineligible for registration.

The registration of the dog to the Kennel club of India is a much required process and it involves the insertion of microchip bearing a number under the skin, filling up of registration forms, subjecting the dog for examination by the judges approved by the Kennel club of India, Chennai.

Upon approval by the judges and completion of all formalities, the dog owner gets registration in his name by about one month. Approximate cost for this process will be Rs 1200.

About the club

Dr L Ranganath, the president of this club, does these activities out of complete passion. He is Professor and Head, Department of Surgery and radiology, Veterinary College Teaching Hospital, in Hebbal, Bangalore.

According to him, the Mysore Kennel Club came into existence with Royal Patronage by the Wadiyars. From 2007 onwards, Dr. B C Ramakrishna, the legend in the field of kennel club and dog show and sports has become the Patron.

 The club has numerous dog lovers from various walks of life including bureaucrats, professionals, social workers, dog breeders, veterinarians, entrepreneurs and others.
The main mandate of the club is to improve and maintain breed standards and also  to better the local breed of Karnataka, Mudhol hound dog.

Mysore Kennel club, Bangalore has its office at 3461, Ist F cross, R.P.C Layout west, Near Bunts’ Sangha, Vijayanagar, Bangalore-560 040

The club is holding a registration drive at the Veterinary Hospital on Dhanvanthri Road in Mysore from 10 am to 1 pm, on Sunday - May 29. This apart, the club is also planning to organise a dog show in association with KCI, in Mysore in the month of August.