Indian jailed in bizarre UK case

Indian jailed in bizarre UK case

Pradeep Baskaran, 23, who completed Master of Science in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Management from the Loughborough University, woke the woman when he climbed into her bed and was then chased out of her house on the night of December 5 last year.

Baskaran, who dropped his passport in the house while being chased away, is likely to be deported to India after completing the jail sentence. He was found guilty earlier this week of sexual assault, but cleared of attempted rape.

The unusual nature of the case was highlighted during his sentencing in the Crown Court yesterday, according to reports from Leicester.

Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: “This case has very unusual features. It’s difficult to envisage what you hoped would happen, and difficult to see what you had in mind.”

“I don’t know if you thought the victim and her boyfriend would have been so drunk they wouldn’t know what was happening. There was skin-to-skin contact and you were pushing against her, and that’s what woke her up.

“It’s fortunate she woke up at that point and chased you out. You had walked into someone’s home and went upstairs and found the room in which this woman was sleeping and proceeded to do what you did.”

“No one’s suggesting you had broken in (the door was unlocked), but you weren’t invited there and had no business being in the house. Your account that you wanted some water, because you were dehydrated was fanciful, bizarre and certainly untrue.”