MUDA unravels yet another fraudulent site racket

MUDA unravels yet another fraudulent site racket

Perpetrators took help of authorities at MCC too, in drawing a fake plan

The land (survey no 226 in Bogadi) was taken into possession by the authority in 1989-90. But little did the authorities know, they had traitors within, who would break the guard.

Allegedly hand in glove with some land grabbers, they created fake documents and sold not one but eight sites measuring 60x80 feet, formed on the said land in a fraudulent way.
They were sold in the range of `20 lakh to ` 30 lakh each. To prove it right, the perpetrators took help of the authorities at MCC too, in drawing a fake plan besides other records to suffice the claim.

The victims here, the innocent buyers were allegedly shown lands on other side, mostly near outer ring road (survey no 227). The land is a government owned property that shows gomala in revenue records.

Without battling an eyelid, they struck the deal, that made them owners of prime plots for a song. According to the prevailing market rate, it costs over ` one crore.

Following process occurred in a jiffy, with the proud owners registering the property with the city corporation. One had even constructed a commercial building, while others had built compounds to prevent trespassers.

When it came to know that they had been duped, the owners knocked on the doors of the authority.

But the officers made it clear that the property is a government owned and criminal case will be booked in case of any resistance.

Petrified, the buyers preferred to remain mute even as the authority went on with the drive to reclaim the property.

Sources said that the owners are mulling over lodging a police complaint.