'Technology helps youth get rid of hip arthritis'

'Technology helps youth get rid of hip arthritis'

Addressing a media conference on Thursday, Dr J V Srinivas a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital, said Anand P, 23 years, hailing from Aldur in Chamarajangar was suffering from avascular neorosis, a disease that stops circulation of blood to hip joints.

The symptoms

Anand, started experiencing the problem when he was 18 and was diagnosed of arthritis. Anand somehow came in contact of Srinivas, and the rest is history. A team of experts led by Srinivas implanted a ceramic-on-ceramic instrument that lasts three times longer than the regular hip replacement.

Latest equipment

Explaining about the comfort it brings, the doctor said when compared to replacement earlier that used to wear out after certain period, compelling patients to undergo surgeries again, the latest technology assures normal lifestyle without living in fear of repeat surgery. Anand, a factory worker told Deccan Herald that he is fine and is able to walk without any effect, of the past.