Hazare braves rain

Hazare braves rain

rain rain go away Women try their best not to get drenched during Anna Hazare’s public meet at T Begur. DH photo

A large number of villagers of T Begur ran helter-skelter seeking protection from the downpour. The pandal erected for the villagers collapsed due to the onslaught of the rain coupled with heavy winds.

While men and children squeezed themselves beneath the stage, the women, many of them young mothers with infants were left scurrying for cover.

The event which was hosted by Dr Ramana Rao lost quite a few people due to the rain. However, some of them did stay back, only because they either wanted to consult the doctor for their ailments - unaware that he wasn't present at the village on duty, or they wanted to "collect blankets and lunch promised" to them reportedly by a section of the village panchayat members.

Dr Rao, who runs a free clinic at the village every Sunday, has been recognised for his philanthropic work, leading members of India Against Corruption to seek his assistance during Hazare's Bangalore visit.

The only reason for some of the villagers to brave the rains was the hope of receiving their gift - an idea that completely defeated the purpose of a campaign against corruption.
Muniyamma from Byadarahalli said some people came to their houses, wrote down their names, and asked them to be present on Friday for blankets and lunch.

Shehazad Bi said she and her husband travelled from Anandnagar only to receive blankets. Those who were aspiring for blankets and sarees, were unaware who contacted them and who lured them to the venue. The civil society members who have brought the Anna Hazare team to the City, categorically said they were unaware of these inducements.