Book Rack

Book Rack

Tagore and china

Edited by Tan Chung, Amiya Dev, Wang Bangwei and Wei Liming
Sage, 2011, pp 370, 895
This is the first full account in English of Rabindranath Tagore’s visit to China and its civilisational import.

Intercultural Communication: Building a Global Community
Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li, Prahalad Sooknanan
Sage, 2011, pp 201, 525
By integrating ‘glocal’ perspectives in intercultural communication, the book addresses the long-term strategy of developing a global community without sacrificing indigenous local values.

Indigenous roots of Feminism: Culture,
Subjectivity and Agency
Jasbir Jain
Sage, 2011, pp341, 695
This book is an exploration of the historical sources across India’s composite culture that have shaped the female self.

A Blue Hand: Allen Ginsberg and the beats in India
Deborah Baker
Penguin, 2011, pp 244, 299
This book weaves a literary mystery out of American poet Allen Ginsberg’s story of India in the 1960s — its Gods and its poets, its politics and its place in the American imagination.

Locating Cultural Change: Theory, Method and Process
Edited by Partha Pratim Basu and Ipshita Chandra
Sage, 2011, pp 279, 795
This book seeks to capture the vibrancy of cultural processes through  Hindi films, vernacular press, and the metropolitan club culture in India.

Legally, Lovingly Yours, Never Give Up, Never Say Die
Abhishek Bose
Mahaveer Publishers, pp 167, 125
This is the story of Abhishek, an amiable, helpful and jovial lad, who embarks on a five-year-long journey called college and experiences life.

Summer and the city
Candace Bushnell
Harper Collins, 2011, pp 409, 299
This is the story of how Carrie , a small-town girl, transforms herself into one of New York city’s most unforgettable icons, Carrie Bradshaw.

Laura Hillenbrand
Harper Collins, 2011, pp 473, 399
Set during the second World War in 1943, this book traces
the true story of courage and survival of lieutenant Louis

Office Shocks — A Novel
Sumit Aggarwal
Rupa and Co, 2011, pp98, 95
This is the chronicle of a fresh but opinionated recruit who discovers the working world in all its backstage glory. It depicts the first day of a B-School graduate in the corporate sector.