Centre's advisory to Yeddyurappa govt unwarranted: BJP

Centre's advisory to Yeddyurappa govt unwarranted: BJP

"The UPA government's repeated failure over Karnataka should have dampened its belligerent spirits but it has not learnt any lesson from the public embarrassment and discomfort caused to it.

"Now the Centre has issued an advisory against the state government which is not only unsolicited and unwarranted but it also reflects its overbearing character," former BJP President Rajnath Singh said here.

He claimed that ever since the BJP has come to power in Karnataka, the Congress-led dispensation at the Centre has been trying to "dislodge" the Yeddyurappa government.

"The Centre has used its power, position and even constitutional positions like Governor to topple the state government," Singh said. He said Governor H R Bhardwaj took a cue from the Centre by recommending the dismissal the BJP government "without even verifying the constitutional position and facts" on two different occasions.

"On both the occasions the Centre had to reject Governor's recommendations because the facts and constitutional limitations went against any such move," he said. Quoting the S R Bommai case, Singh said the Supreme Court has clearly defined that in all cases where the support of the ministry is claimed to have been withdrawn by some legislators, the proper course for testing the strength is holding the test on the Floor of the House.

He said if the Centre perceives that the BJP government in Karnataka is in minority then the Governor should convene a session of the Legislative Assembly. "The BJP will not be a mute spectator if any anti-people, unconstitutional or undemocratic step is taken to dislodge the popular state government," he said.