Temple town N'gud cries for attention

Temple town N'gud cries for attention

The pathetic roads, lack of proper water supply, storm water drains and UGD lines is projecting the town in a poor light to the outsiders visiting here.

The poor affairs despite Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa granting ` five  crore for the development of the town. Although, a year has passed for the allocation of fund, there is no sign of progress.

Ironically, the officials have removed the size stones on the footpaths and storm water drains to make way for the replacement. But, the public allege that a nexus between the contractors and the authorities ruined town. The officials sold size stones to the contractors, they accuse.

The poor administration of the municipality is palpable when one visits the office of Municipality.

The entire building is poorly maintained. If the algae has covered parts of the roof and walls, lack of cleanliness and accumulation of dust in the offices welcome the visitors. If the Municipality office premises has become a dumping yard for wastes and size stones, the toilet is so badly maintained that it has turned out redundant and unfit for use. “The officials and Municipality members have not been able to maintain their own building. What can we expect for town?,” a youth asks.

CMC president Muheer Ahmed and Vice-President Gayathri Mohan also poured out their woes before the District In-charge Minister Ramdas during his surprise visit to the town, saying the officials never listen to their words.
“The Chief Officer V Ramaswamy is never available in office. He signs the attendance register and walks out. He can only be found in local court premises or near tea stalls,” she ridicules.

Water supply

The town has no proper water supply. The borewells are drying and there is no proper supply of drinking water though the Kapila river runs across the town.

“I am  ashamed of myself and regret contesting for the elections as the electorate question us daily for the bad affairs,” she told Deccan Herald.