Rich City's not so generous side

Rich City's not so generous side

The breakup: Travel of IAC team from New Delhi - Rs 75,000; Vehicles on hire for local travel - Rs 15,000; Backdrop for stage - Rs 10,000; Hoardings and banners - Rs 1,90,000; Stationary - Rs 5,000; Sound, lighting, and generator - Rs 1,50,000; Water - Rs 2,000; Viral video - Rs 15,000; Chairs, shamiana, etc - Rs 1,00,000; Barricades, carpet and podium - Rs 26,000; BBMP ground rent - Rs 5,600; Press club expenses - Rs 5,000; Security - Rs 5,000.

Poor response

The rich man's city, which had shown immense support for the anti-corruption movement in April at Freedom Park when Hazare began his hunger strike, has however been wary about making contributions to the movement. So far, the IAC team has been able to raise donations of around Rs 1.6 lakh (approximately) through the 'Swalpa Sahaaya' campaign.

According to IAC, while Rs 90,000 was collected through internet; around Rs 20,000 was collected at the Indiranagar panel discussion event on Friday; and around Rs 49,350 when the public meeting at Basavangudi ended on Saturday.

IAC continues to collect donations and those interested in contributing can visit

 "If we can pay Rs 6.03 lakh back to the sponsors through the donations raised, then we can go back to them for assistance whenever such campaigns are organised in the State.

Those who believe in the cause can continue making donations," said Amar K Murthy, who is handling the donations.