Enquire before you hire, say police

Enquire before you hire, say police

Managing a home is very difficult without a maid,
especially for working women. The maids are not very loyal as they too have many problems, especially with rising costs of living.

Citizens would do well to verify the antecedents of their domestic help before they are given the job, the police say. The law-enforcing agency is convinced that people ought to be “more careful and vigilant” before employing anyone for housekeeping to prevent the crimes committed by them. The process, however, could be tedious, police acknowledge.

The agency, like most government departments, has a bad reputation for inordinately delaying the process of verifying the antecedents of a person. The undue hold-up in the issuance of passports by the Regional Passport Office is a case in point. But D M Krishnamraju, DCP (Crime), argues that it’s better to wait than to hurry and get killed or robbed by someone you can’t trust.

“No doubt, people would have to visit the police station and spend time making enquiries. The safety and security of their household and wealth cannot be guaranteed without a little hard work,” he told Deccan Herald.

It has prepared a list of 16 dos and don’ts on employing domestic helps. A key one is obtaining their fingerprint impression and a valid identity card. He says bogus ID cards can be produced but fingerprint impressions would be infallible. Another important point, he said, is to verify the antecedents of a housemaid’s husband.

Often, a housemaid would have a clean record but her husband would be of a criminal bent of mind, he said. The permanent address of the applicant with the should be cross-checked jurisdictional police. Besides, employers should get the details of the prospective employees’ previous work, the officer added. Enquiring with the relatives and the acquaintances of the applicant is another advisory police say people should follow.

Before you hire a domestic help...

* Obtain a photograph, complete permanent and temporary address of the applicant.
* Crosscheck the address with his/her relatives, neighbours, and acquaintances.
* Take him/her to your jurisdictional police station and submit his/her ID card and fingerprint impressions to see that he/she does not have any criminal record.
* Verify his/her details with the police of his/her native place.
* Crosscheck the details with those  mentioned in his/her academic records and the ration card.
* Scrutinise the details of his/her house, if it is a rented one, with the landlord.
* Collect the marital details of the woman servant. Her husband’s antecedents should also be verified.
* Find out the details of his/her previous work and the reasons for quitting.