More muck on Matha minerals

More muck on Matha minerals

Samaja Parivarthana Samudaya, a Dharwad-based NGO,  on Sunday released documents shedding light on the transfer of lease from earlier owner B R Amar Singh in 2002.

The Mines Tribunal under the Union government in October 2009 had found that the lease sketch had been “substantially modified” during transfer.

"While transferring the mining lease from Shri B R Amar Singh to M/s Matha Minerals Pvt Limited, the area of the mining lease has been completely altered and modified, without observing the provisions of Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 and without seeking prior approval of the Central government," the Tribunal noted. According the the tribunal’s findings, 114 acres transferred to Matha Minerals was common to 720 acres held by Amar Singh. Singh’s wife had approached the Tribunal seeking to set aside the transfer.

Affidavit concocted

It was alleged that documents have been fabricated to transfer the lease. The appellant contended that the affidavit which formed the basis for the transfer of the mining lease was concocted. She claimed that while the affidavit had been attested by the notary on August 29, 2002, the demand draft accompanying the affidavit was dated October 21, 2002.

S R Hiremath of Samaja Parivarthana Samudaya has urged Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa to recall V Somanna as district in-charge minister of Tumkur. “The chief minister should not allow continuation of Somanna and Janardhana Reddy as district in-charge ministers,” he said. Hiremath also demanded to withdraw the “illegal” extension of mining lease in favour of S B Minerals, owned by the family of Vijaynagar legislator, Anand Singh.