'Survey will accurately identify public, private properties'

'Survey will accurately identify public, private properties'

 V BalasubramanianExcerpts from the interview:

How the city survey helps recover encroached government land?

For over four decades, survey of urban properties has not been done. Cities and towns have witnessed a massive growth during this period. And large tracts of government land located in and around cities have been encroached upon. A city survey will accurately identify public and private properties enabling the government to recover its land. Once recovered, the government can make use of such land to provide public amenities. More importantly, the survey will provide authentic ownership documents to the genuine owners of private properties.

How can the survey establish the ownership of an encroached land?

Revenue records are maintained in all taluk offices. Under the city survey, all available documents are verified, including the revenue records. Besides, old village maps are being used to identify origin of land in urban areas.

Is it possible to recover land where development has already taken place?

Yes. Whatever may be the development, it is illegal in the absence of a proper ownership title. The rule book does not allow any kind of encroachment. Moreover, encroachment of the government land is a criminal offence in Karnataka.

Why city survey was not done for some many years?

No government in the past took interest in conducting the city survey. So is the reason large tracts of government land have been gobbled up. About 34,000 acres of government land has been encroached in Bangalore urban district alone.