Siddaramaiah gets at Yeddyurappa govt again

Siddaramaiah gets at Yeddyurappa govt again

War of words: BJP MLAs indulged in dissident activities

“The BJP’s own MLAs indulged in dissident activities. While, Reddy brothers flew these dissidents to Goa and Hyderabad. About 18 MLAs told the Governor that they have no confidence in Yeddyurappa’s leadership. Senior leaders of the party Ananth Kumar, Eshwarappa, Jagadish Shettar took a delegation to the BJP central leadership against Yeddyurappa. The Congress party did not have any role in all these developments in last three years,” he told reporters here.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, he slammed Yeddyurappa government with achieving nothing in the last three years of governance.

Soaked in corruption

The BJP Government is soaked in corruption, scams, nepotism and illegal mining. It is passing the buck on the Opposition, for the failure of government machinery which BJP alone was responsible.

The Congress party did not move no confidence motion when 18 MLAs and Ministers wrote to the Governor saying the Chief Minister no more enjoys their support and confidence in Assembly.

Listing out the failures of the government, he said the government failed to provide free power to farmers as promised in their manifesto.

The Yeddyurappa Government has failed to build a single Ashraya house or allot a single Ashraya site in the last three years though their assurance was to build three lakh houses.

The rural people were denied of ration and kerosene as the eligible people are still not provided the BPL cards.

The CM has also failed to rehabilitate the flood victims in North Karnataka even after two years.

There is not a single house constructed from the government’s side to rehabilitate flood affected people. They continue to live in sheds, he said adding that central government had released Rs 1680 crore as a special assistance for the purpose.

The NGOs and private donations have helped build about 30-40 thousand houses, he stated.

He said the cycle and saree distribution and Bhagyalakshmi scheme can alone be not taken as the yardstick for development. What is the contribution of Government so far, he questioned.

To a query, he said the Yeddyurappa Government survived from being suspended and President’s rule implemented in state only because of a technical reason.

The UPA Government has no majority in the upper house. If the article 355 was invoked on Governor H R Bharadwaj’s report, it should have been ratified by both the houses of Parliament within six months, he remarked. 

Siddu’s poser to Eshwarappa

Siddaramaiah asked BJP State president K S Eshwarappa to resign from his MLAs seat in Shimoga and recontest from the same constituency against him.

“I am ready to contest against Eshwarappa from any seat across the state. Let him not choose my constituency (Varuna) as he will have to lose his deposit if he contested from here. I am prepared to contest against anywhere he wish to contest from,” he said in reaction to Eshwarappa’s statements that Chief Minister Yeddyurappa’s personal assistant Siddalingaswamy will defeat Siddaramaiah in Varuna in next elections.