Free-loading on space

Free-loading on space

Are you looking for free advertisement space for any of your business ventures in the sprawling city of Bangalore? No problem. Citizens like us will help you out. No negotiations, no prior permission or licence on stamped papers required. The best part of this deal is that there is no time bar. You can exhibit your business expertise any length of time and even forget all about it.

Too good to believe? To explain the strategy, first step is to prepare your advertisement matter to fit a space little bigger than an A4 size sheet transfer it to a thermocol, tin or any other suitable surface. To make the clients feel that you are doing a bit of service just insert ‘no parking in front of the gate’ message to show that you really care. Be it computer coaching classes, hearing aid clinics, pest control, baby sitting agencies, banks, PG accommodation, beauty parlours, cooking classes or even weight loss sessions, you are sure to get free space only if you are a bit cheeky and street smart.

Send your ‘chokra’ to walk up and down the lanes of residential layouts equipped with metal strings, screws and nails to fix the boards. Since no prior permission is sought, he will not ring your door bell and disturb you. He will quietly come in the afternoons, fix it on your front gate or compound wall railing, mercilessly peeling off the paint, damaging the compound wall and leave swiftly.

His job is done. Never mind if they turn out to be an eyesore standing in all sizes, colours and positions. To keep such trespassers at bay a house owner has retained his ‘beware of dogs’ signboard even though his dog died 10 years ago. That’s a smart idea indeed.

Beautifully crafted entrance makes a statement about the owner of the residence who spends a fortune not only to get it done but also to maintain it colourfully.

Surely it is his/her property. However, business entrepreneurs do not hesitate to cash in on these beautiful  spaces to hang their ugly looking boards on each and every residence. One can see a minimum of three such boards at a time.

Legally speaking they have no business to deface private properties. To make matters worse a protest or complaint against the advertiser goes with a rude reply “pull it down if you want”. You pull it down, and you will make a blotched up space for the next embellishment.

Bangalore boasts of lovely modern homes — an architect’s pride. An early morning stroll  could turn out to be an art appreciation walk only if one has an eye to study the shapes, designs, and proportions of private residences and their aesthetics. Those who indulge in such unlawful ugly act couldn’t be bothered about keeping our city pretty to behold. Nowhere in the world can one use private and public property for unauthorised advertisements. But then we are an exclusive country with freedom to do what we like unmindful of the others’ rights.