Agra varsity's private candidates' exams cancelled

Agra varsity's private candidates' exams cancelled

More than a lakh students, whose exams were to end June 18, have been affected.
Principal Secretary for Higher Education B.K. Gupta, who conducted an investigation into the examiantion conduct on May 20 and 21, submitted his report to the government a few days ago.

"The whole system was running Ram Bharose," the investigating officials have said in their report.

The report has recommended action against the Delhi-based agency Leela Jay Technology, responsible for the sale of examination forms and issuance of hall tickets.

The state government has ordered a special audit of the whole process of tendering and expenses incurred in conducting the private candidates' examinations.

"The university is stunned and no one is around to clarify what is going on here," commented a student leader.

University sources on Tuesday said besides transferring the finance officer, the state government has also suspended several top officials, including a former registrar and two deputy registrars of the varsity.

More than Rs.25 crore collected from the students through sale of forms will go waste, according to rough estimates.

University officials could not give any specific dates regarding the rescheduling of  the exams. 

Charges of unfair practices and wholesome irregularities have been periodically made by affected students. This is the fourth postponement of examinations for private candidates.