No dearth of opportunities

No dearth of opportunities

satisfied Students have nothing to worry as plenty of placement avenues are available.

With placement being the main pre-requisite of education, most colleges in the City outsource training through private firms specialising in placement training programmes. These placement training programmes offer technical as well as personality development courses that help students tackle industry requirements with ease.

Reading material and mock interviews form part of the training. Students, who want to enhance their chances even more, opt for assessment companies, who through a couple of standardised tests provide placements to students. These companies maintain a database of students based on their performance of these tests. They have industry tie-ups and act as the link between industry requirements and students.  

Body-shopping companies also form an equally lucrative option where project-specific training is provided to students based on client requirements. Students then go for interviews and are inducted into the body-shopping company. They are then leased out to the client for a project. Clients are given the option to take in the student as a regular employee if they like their work.  Prasanna Venkateshan, an electronics and communication student, says, “I am placed in two companies and attribute it entirely to the placement training programme in college. In the beginning of the year, we were provided with a general training programme. I especially liked the fact that how on weekends they got in HRs of different companies and created a real interview like atmosphere. We also had lateral thinking questions as fillers, which were really interesting and helped curtail boredom. We also had a pre-placement talk for a day before the companies came to college, which was equally helpful.”

Some of the training programmes offered were company specific and given just prior to the campus interview. Shruthi Joshi, a computer science student placed after a company specific training programme, says, “It was really beneficial and we got a complete idea with regard to what the company expects. Even the questions asked were more or less on the same lines as the ones discussed in the programme. It wouldn’t have been that easy to crack the interview without the training.”

For students who were unhappy with placements in college, assessment and recruitment companies provided the opportunity to get into a company of their choice. Pulak Paurush, an electronics and communication student, who was recently placed in a leading network security company with superior work content and compensation, says, “I had a campus-offered job from one of India’s largest IT services company but I wanted something better, that’s why I applied for an off-campus drive through an assessment and recruitment company.”

Body shopping companies are also quite popular among students. Suhas S, a working professional, says, “I didn’t attend any campus interviews in college and got placed through a body shopping company. The best part of it was that I didn’t have to shell out any money. I work on contract basis.”