Making the world dance

Making the world dance

Choreographer Marzi Pestonji speaks about his journey to fame

Making the world dance

talented Marzi Pestonji

His recent victory in ‘Dance India Dance-Doubles’ has acknowledged his skills as a dance master.

In the City, to take part in a dance show, Marzi talked candidly about his journey to fame through dance.

When he was offered the judge’s responsibility for ‘DID-Doubles’, Marzi was little indecisive on accepting the offer.

“I was concerned about how I would look on the television. I was not so fluent in Hindi, which was also a deterrent. Finally, I made up my mind and became  a part of ‘DID-Doubles’. Many times, Mithunji corrected my Hindi during the show. Overall, it is an unforgettable experience,” he says.

Marzi considers his contributions in choreographing the last Commonwealth Games as the biggest high in his career. He has also choreographed many global events like IIFA and for some movies which are known for their sensational dance numbers.

“They all happened because of Shiamak Davar. He is the one behind all my success. Even ‘DID-Doubles’ happened to me because his dates were clashing, so he suggested my name. I am with Shiamak for the last 18 years and want to be with him in all his endeavours,” says Marzi.

He likes teaching dance to kids and says a lot of money is circulating in the field of dance these days.  “Now, one can take up dance as a full-fledged career. The horizon of dance has widened today. One may not get success early in this field but with dedication and hard work, one can create a mark.”

As a choreographer, he would like to work with Abhishek and Aishwarya as they are his close friends.  He admires Shahid Kapoor for his dancing skills but says he is yet to give his best shot.

“Shahid is an excellent dancer. It would be great to work with him. Bollywood doesn’t have many good dancers but most of the actors are so dedicated that their performance on screen outshines any professional dancer,” he opines.

Marzi is all praises for the Southern film industry for its different dancing styles.
“South Indian film dances are full of energy. They are open to all genres and keep on experimenting with looks, costume and sets. Music is also highly energetic and story-oriented. If a good offer comes by, I will definitely do a project here,” he confirms.
Whenever he gets time, Marzi makes it a point to spend some quality time with kids with special needs.

“Through Victory Art Foundation, we have been teaching dance to specially challenged kids. If I could able to bring a smile on their face, my day is made. Taking part in their joy is the best kind of enjoyment that exists on this earth,” Marzi says.

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