Illegal prescriptions from India seized at Detroit airport

While the identity of the person in question has not been revealed, the US Department of Homeland Security in a statement said the medicines being illegally brought into the US were Glyciphage, Glybovin, Zenflox, Diovan, Osteofos, Piopar and Restyl. All these drugs require a prescription from the doctor.

The passenger, from Spring Valley in Illinois, who arrived on a flight from Amsterdam after a 10-day trip to India last week was referred to secondary for further examination.

During the checking of his luggage officers found prescription medications that the individual failed to declare he was bringing into the US.

The passenger stated that he had purchased the medication in India for his wife.
He stated neither he nor his wife had a prescription for the medication. The individual also had several counterfeit DVDs, computer software and computer games that he failed to declare that were discovered during the checking of his luggage, the statement said.

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