'Sexy politico' website raises UK brows

'Sexy politico' website raises UK brows

Hot or not

‘Sexymp.co.uk’ is inviting people to rank politicians in order of who they would like to sleep with — in fact, it asks visitors to choose out of two randomly selected MPs: “Which MP would you rather have sex with? Choose one.”

While Zac Goldsmith, the Tory MP for Richmond Park, is currently on top of the men’s list, Labour Party’s Luciana Berger is the highest ranked woman MP, Daily Mail reported.

The website, founded by 22-year-old Francis Boulle, ranks all 648 sitting MPs — 506 men and 142 women.

So far, the top places are dominated by the new intake of 2010 MPs. Prime Minister David Cameron is 131st while his Deputy, Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, comes 173rd. Also in the top 10 is failed Labour Party leadership hopeful David Miliband.

While some MPs claimed the website was harmless fun, others warned that it could deter more sensitive young women and men from entering politics.

Sheila Gilmore, a Labour MP, said she had not looked at the website. The Edinburgh East MP said: “I don’t think sites like this are particularly desirable or helpful. We should be judged by what we say and what we do, not on our appearance.”

However Jo Swinson, a Liberal Democrat MP whose husband, another Lib Dem MP, Duncan Hames, ranks fourth, said she thought it was “relatively harmless”.