Man burnt alive for rape attempt

Man burnt alive for rape attempt

The residents of Raghunathpalli of Zafargarh mandal in the district challenged the police to arrest the entire village after they confessed to “punishing” an alleged rapist in their own medieval form of justice.

According to the Vardhannapet police, 30-year-old Zilla Babu, a father of three, entered the house of  the 16-year-old when she was alone and tried to molest her. Enraged by her screams, he hit her on the head with a hammer.

Alert neighbours entered the house and thrashed Babu. Later, they informed the police. Tempers and emotions ran high while they waited for the police with Babu bound in ropes. The police who arrived little later kept Babu in the police van.

The mob got furious after seeing the grievously injured girl and wanted immediate action against the alleged rapist.

The policemen stood helpless as Babu was dragged out of the van and villagers made a bonfire of haystacks and firewood. They later threw the unconscious but alive Babu into the fire. “Over 200 villagers had participated in the mob action and they say they have done true justice, ” Prabhakar Rao, Urban SP of Warangal, said.